Your responsibility

The R'n'R MTB Adventure is a charity fundraising event. Therefore, in addition to paying the registration fee, every rider who signs up for the R'n'R MTB Adventure must agree to raise a minimum of $500 for the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation.Children under the age of 14 are exempt from this.

In order to help riders in their fundraising efforts, each will automatically receive an online fundraising webpage as a part of their registration process for the event (whether they register as an individual or as a part of a team).

The Hospital Foundation has set a fundraising target of $40,000 for the 2018 R'n'R MTB Adventure.

All funds raised by this event will be devoted to improving health services in Far North Queensland. (See “How the ride saves lives” for more information.)

Note: Riders who fail to raise the minimum sum required ($500) before the start date for the 2018 R'n'R MTB Adventure, will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Fundraising tips

There are many different ways to fundraise. And remember, you’re not asking people to fund a new car or an exotic holiday. You are asking for money to help improve health services that they or their family may one day need.

  • Set a goal: a target figure will help maintain your motivation
  • Be ambitious: remember, the money you raise will help save lives.
  • Make a list of potential donors: the obvious targets are family members, friends, neighbours and co-workers, but be bold and think outside the square. How about approaching your teachers, family doctor and local pharmacist, and other local businesses where you live. (Next to each name on your list, note how you plan to approach them, e.g. face-to-face, a phone call, an email, a fundraising letter etc.)
  • Dollar matching: Ask your employer or HR manager if they are willing to match the amount you raise. You could offer to display their company logo on your fundraising page?
  • Personalise your personal fundraising page on this website: research has shown that fundraisers who make an extra effort to create an interesting page end up attracting significantly more donations! Think about including:
    • Your fundraising target
    • Weekly updates about your fundraising progress
    • Details of any fundraising events you have planned, eg a sausage sizzle, trivia night or some other social fundraising activity
    • Photos
    • Some background information/explanation about why you decided to enter the R'n'R MTB Adventure: do you want to get fitter, take on a physical challenge outside your normal comfort zone, or raise money for health services because you know or knew someone with health conditions … or a combination of reasons?
    • Facts about the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation: remember, you are not only fundraising, but raising community awareness of this charity, which is dedicated to enhancing health care services throughout the Far North.
  • Encourage donors/potential donors to visit your fundraising page and donate online: it saves time and money, donations will be credited to your account immediately, and donors will receive an automatic “thank-you”.
  • “Bank” cash donations online with your credit card, but with your donor’s details: this will ensure they can obtain a tax deductable receipt. Otherwise, you can bring their donation into the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation (corner of Grove and Digger streets, Cairns) or bank it into the Hospital Foundation’s account. (Contact us for details.) Remember: we need your donor’s details in order to issue a receipt.